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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become a member?

You may download the membership form on our website under forms and links, fill it and send it to Then, download the HSS-MAG savings commitment form, fill it and send/hand it to your Human Resources Personnel. In the near future, members will be registering via the web portal.

Is it possible to know the amount of my savings?

Yes, you can check your account status via our newly launched Web Portal. Our members’ online self-serving portal to check how much they have been saving, applying for loans, checking the progress for loan repayment, and many more! You may access the portal via Learn more about using the portal via this link.

Can health sector staff who are not members join and get loans immediately?

No, you can only apply for loans after being a member for at least 3 months for overdraft loan and 6 months for emergency and ordinary loans.

What kind of loans do you provide and how much money is for each loan?

We provide three types of loans. Emergency, Ordinary, and Overdraft loan. For more information on loan, visit us via this link.

What about membership cards?

Instead of membership cards, members have account numbers, and they can check their accounts anytime at the web portal. For those who paid for membership cards, that amount have been added to their savings.

I applied for a loan, how do I know the updates?

You can get updates on your loan by simply logging in to the web portal and check the loan status. It can be;

Pending – We have not yet started working it;

Reviewed – We are working on it;

Returned back – Some missing files or details for your correction;

Approved – Loan approved;

Rejected – Rejected.  

Why does it take long to get loans?

You get a loan in just two weeks for ordinary and emergency loan, and 24 hours for an overdraft loan. It might only take longer for specific cases.  

Can I apply for a loan by sending documents to email or my HR?

Our loan operations have now shifted from email to the web portal. Please check the status of your application regularly because there might be a document you still need to upload or a condition that you did not apply

I am shifting from the health sector; how do I get my savings?

Write a letter to the HSS-MAG explaining your reasons, and do not forget to include your bank account in the letter. Send your letter to This request takes 30 days from the reception date.

I applied for a loan, but there is no loan repayment deduction, what happens?

We are working hard with officials in charge to solve this issue. In the meantime, your savings might be used as loan repayment. If you notice this, please contact us as soon as possible.

I am a contractual staff, and why do I get a shorter period of loan repayment?

We base on your contract period when offering loans in order to mitigate delinquency risk, but this might change in future with the SACCO status where we plan to design products according to your status.

Shifting to SACCO

What’s happening?

The HSS-MAG General Assembly that took place at Lemigo Hotel on October 28, 2021, approved a resolution of HSS-MAG shifting from informal microfinance institution (tontine) to formal microfinance institution, specifically, a SACCO. This is to provide improved financial services to our members.

What next?

We are now in the process of acquiring a SACCO license

What about membership?

We already have HSS-MAG members who are working from public health institutions. As we become a SACCO, we will open doors to the whole health sector staff in Rwanda (Public and Private).

Will you open branches in all districts?

We are still thinking about better and innovative ways to serve our members, but we want to maximize the use of technology for better and quick service delivery.

Will contractual staff be allowed to be members of the SACCO?

Yes, contractual staff will be allowed to be members of the SACCO just like we have contractual staff who are current members of the HSS-MAG.

Will drivers be allowed to be members of the SACCO?

Yes, drivers who are working in the health sector will be allowed to be members of the SACCO.

Is the salary going to be processed through the SACCO?

Yes, the salary of our members will be processed through our SACCO.

What about a shopping system?

We have many projects for the SACCO’s members to be implemented in the future, and the shopping system is among them.

Will non-health sector staff be allowed to be members of the SACCO?

No, only health sector professionals will be allowed to be members of the SACCO.

As you have not yet acquired the license, are you still providing loans?

Yes, we are still providing loans under the usual HSS-MAG terms and conditions.

Web Portal

What is the Web Portal?

The web portal is our members’ online platform which helps them check their account statuses, loan applications, loan repayment, etc. We made tutorials to help you navigate through the system. Visit our website on the Web Portal menu for everything related to the Web Portal.

I forgot my password; how do I access my account?

You forgot your password, and you are on the log-in page, click on forgot my password and follow instructions.

ID does not match with information found in the system, how can you help?

If the information found in the system is not matching with information (names) on your ID, all you have to do is fill out this form found on our website, and let us take it from there!

The system did not find information related to my identification, what do I do?

If the system did not find information related to your ID, all you have to do is fill out this form found on our website, and let us take it from there!

How do I find the employer code?

You may find your employer code on our website under the Web Portal menu and click on employer code. In the search box, to the top right corner, type in your institution’s name, and get your employer code.

How do I apply for loans?

Please follow this article for a detailed process on loan application via our website.

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