Muganga SACCO

New Official Email and a Revamped Website

We are delighted to announce the launch of Muganga SACCO’s revamped website. Learn how at  

The revamped site is a result of a commissioned branding exercise which was also part of our long-term strategy to remain vibrant and relevant to our members and stakeholders.

The revamped website is part of our branding strategy and ongoing efforts to become a digitally driven institution.

Our main goal is to provide quick and seamless services to our members. The revamped website is designed to be faster, easier to navigate, and make the user experience as simple as possible. 

The new website will be full of rich content and will act as a digital hub for our members first, stakeholders, and the general public.

The revamped website will be updated accordingly and regularly with new savings and loan product launches, FAQs, news, events, internet and mobile banking, etc…

New Official Email

Our official email changes from the “hssmag” domain to “mugangasacco”. Effective from September 8, 2022, the email will no longer be working, and the new official email is  

Other Changes

The Web Portal that was accessed via shall be accessed via

To get the support, members will fill out the support form found on the website at

Visit us at  

Email us at