Muganga SACCO

Our History

Muganga SACCO is  a Savings and Credit Cooperative for health sector staff in Rwanda. Its primary objective is to improve members’ socio-economic conditions and promote access to finance, by assisting them to make savings and access low-rate loans, therefore contributing significantly to their retention. The SACCO was established as a result of the Government of Rwanda’s advice to the Ministry of Health to find strategies to motivate and retain healthcare professionals in the public sector, which is one of the constraints hindering the quality of healthcare services in Rwanda. 

Muganga SACCO’s mandate is not only to serve public health professionals but also to extend its services to the private healthcare industry. In addition to private health professionals and facilities, Muganga SACCO also caters to Community Health Workers (CHWs). This allows Muganga SACCO to provide financial services to a wider range of individuals and corporations involved in the healthcare sector, ensuring that they have access to affordable financial solutions that meet their unique needs. By serving both public and private healthcare sectors, Muganga SACCO demonstrates its commitment to providing financial inclusivity and support to the entire healthcare industry in Rwanda.  

Our Vision

To be the leader in provision of financial products, services and solutions to the health care professional; contributing to their sustainable development and work retention. 

Our mission

To provide reputable and innovative financial and personal development solutions through excellent services that exceed stakeholder expectations, while caring for our members’ needs in an efficient, friendly and professional manner.

Our core values