Muganga SACCO


These are credit schemes which are set up by the SACCO to extend financial support to specific categories of members engaged in viable small and medium enterprise businesses, without necessarily insisting on the normal security and other conventional borrowing requirements. Business loans are disbursed to for expansion of existing income generating ventures or startups.

Targeted Customers

  • Individual employed members working in the health sector in Rwanda (public and private);
  • Self-employed members of Muganga SACCO, Cooperatives, association, companies of members operating small   scale businesses.


  • Quick loans, rapid and flexible to access;
  • Help salaried employee’s members to have other source of income;
  • Flexible repayment period;
  • Increase working capital or investment capacity to companies of members operating in small scale businesses.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Being MUGANGA SACCO member at least 6 months
  • Individual members / cooperatives, association, companies of members operating small scale businesses (for at least 6 months);
  • Regular compulsory savings;
  • Individual member should be at least 18 years old;
  • Being registered in Muganga SACCO Mobile Banking;
  • The salary to be channeled at Muganga SACCO for at least 3 months;
  • Having paid membership fees in full (Frw 50,000 of share capital);
  • Have an employment contract (not in probation);
  • Having regular income for self-employed (Business, Rental, livestock, etc…….) and be channeled to Muganga SACCO at least 3 months;
  • Have an adequate credit history for borrowing;
  • Having 18 years old (Minimum);
  • Must not have the loans in arrears in MUGANGA SACCO or any other financial institution in Rwanda (blacklisted by Credit Reference Bureau) ;
  • Proof of income for non-employee’s members;
  • Valuation report of the collateral.

Products features

  • Maximum amount is open up the SACCO ceiling(25000000Frw);
  • Repayable in 5 years (60 months) maximum;
  • The interest rate is 14% per annum (Declining);
  • Applicant is required to have his/her own contribution equals to 10% of requested amount;
  • Monthly installment equal to 50% of the monthly salary. If salary taken combined with other commitments, it cannot exceed 75% of salary;
  • Security includes physical guarantee and cash such as compulsory savings;
  • Experience in business activity for at least 6 months.



  • Fulfil and sign Business/project loan application and loan agreement form;
  • Copy of Identity card/Passport of applicant and his/her spouse (if married);
  • Proof of status certificate of applicant (Marriage certificate; Single certificate, Widow certificate, divorced certificate) found via Irembo services;
  • Salary certificate and employer engagement;
  • Loan commitment form;
  • Subcommittee recommendation letter;
  • Employment contract or appointment letter;
  • Proof of income for self-employed members;
  • Trading license as proof of business;  
  • Sales book records;
  • Account statement of other for at least 12 months for self-employed members;
  • Tangible collateral of compulsory savings for self-employed members;
  • Collateral valuation report;
  • Any other document requested by credit department to support member’s request.